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DRAVYA GUNA (Ayurvedic Phyto-therapeutics) COURSE

Dravya Guna (Ayurvedic Phyto-therapeutics) is the most important pillar of Ayurveda. It is the
study of plants with regards to its description, habitat, properties, therapeutic actions, etc.
A unique opportunity to learn about the Ayurvedic plants in the form of an educational Dravya
Guna tour is being offered in a picturesque and serene location of around 25 acres land rich of
Ayurvedic plants amidst the area of palm trees in South of India.

In this course, the participants will have the opportunity to learn the following:
 Basic principles of Ayurveda & Dravya Guna
 To identity the important & commonly used plants of Ayurveda , on the actual field
 Ayurvedic characteristics / properties of the plants
 Phytoactive components of the plants , which are responsible for the pharmacological effect
 shown by the plants
 Therapeutic effect and the mechanism of the plants from Ayurvedic point of view
 Therapeutic effect from the Western medicine point of view
 Research studies / Published data on the plants
 The effect & the interaction of the individual ingredients in the commonly used classical
 To assess the effect and the mechanism of different herbal products available as Food
 Supplements from different companies.
 To make own customized herbal recipes in the form of Food supplements
 The effect of the herbs used in the Massage oils and cosmetic products
 To combine the well-known Ayurvedic herbs with European herbs

The course would be conducted at the beautiful place of Maitreyi in India, which is an ecofriendly,
spiritual and cultural retreat and is around 4 hours ride by road ways from International
Kochi airport . It is well equipped with the special wellness therapies of Ayurveda. For more
details about the venue, you may visit

About the Presenter:
Dr. Shubhangee B. Satam, M.D (Ayurveda), specialized in Dravya Guna
from Mumbai India. She has around 15 years of Ayurvedic industry
experience in addition to her clinical experience for around 21 years. She
has worked for the leading Ayurvedic companies in India for the
International market, and also in the field of Nutraceuticals in a UK
Based Pharmaceuticals.
Currently working as an Independent Consultant to the Herbal /
Ayurvedic / Nutraceutical Industry, she travels extensively to Europe and
USA to conduct lectures / workshops and for consultations. She regularly writes on general and
technical topics related to Ayurveda and health in various leading national and International



Ayurveda (Ayur means long life. Veda means wisdom)
Ayurveda is The Wisdom of Long Life.

Saturday, May 19th from 2:00pm to 4:00pm:
• Eating according to the seasons and body type.
• Effective control of Obesity, Depression,
and Insomnia in Ayurveda.

Sunday, May 20th 2007 2:00pm to 4:00pm:
• How Ayurveda can assist in management of Allergies,
Inflammation and Dietary disorders.

Private Consultations with Arun Sahi Ph.D, M.Sc are available:
$50.00 per consultation.

Please call 309-762-9202 to schedule a consultation.
Payments go directly to Dr. Sahi.

About the Presenter:
Arun Sahi Ph.D, M.Sc is visiting us from Chicago, Illinois, where he has a practice in Ayurveda since 1997.
Prior to Chicago , Dr. Sahi had practiced Ayurveda in New York for 3 years and in India for 10 years.
He is a third generation Ayurvedic doctor.

Event is held at The Moline Club 2nd Floor.
513 16th Street, Moline
Refreshments will be available.

The event is sponsored by The Institute for Cultural and Healing Traditions, Ltd.
and is free and open to the public.


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