- James Lehman, M.D. FACP. MBA., Director Emeritus
- Narveen S. Aryaputri, M.A., Director
- Steven Manenti .President & CEO, MacWorldwide Inc.
- Kari Hoffman

Core Group
- Christine C. Deignan M.D.
- Kai Swanson

Members Emeritus
- Dr. Evan Kligman M.D.
- Tom Moran.M.L.S., Director
- David Hill PhD, Director

Narveen S. Aryaputri, B.Ed. , M.A., Director
Narveen Aryaputri has her Bachelor's in Education in 1968 and her Master's of Arts in English Literature in 1970 from Meerut University, India. She taught English Literature at Delhi University, New Delhi. India for 1 ½ years from 1973-75. She was in Iran from 1975-1979, where she taught  English as a Second Language for two years at Language House, a branch of Telemedia, Chicago. She then taught English Literature at the University of Jundi Shapur in Ahwaz, Iran. Her daughter, Manisha, was born during her stay in Iran. While there, she experienced both the culture of Iran, as well as the revolt that led to the political change in Iran. Narveen emigrated to the United States in the winter of 1979, two weeks before the Shah Reza Pahelvi was exiled. 

In September 1990, she began the restoration and re-establishing of The Moline Commercial Club ( c. 1895) and the building that housed it ( c. 1912) . In September 1990, she also began the restoration of The Spencer House, ( c.1865) the oldest vintage home in the River Cities Region and the only example of a Carpenter Gothic in the region. The Spencer House is now a Historic Landmark.

In 1996, she founded The Institute for Cultural and Healing Traditions, Ltd. a not for profit 501©3 corporation, where she is the currently the President and Director.

From 2004 to 2006, she was President of the United States and India Chamber of Commerce Midwest, Inc.

Currently, Narveen is the President of American Midwest Commerce Corporation. 

Daughter of a senior Military officer, Narveen was born in India after partition and brought up in the Military tradition of  India. 

She is a professional artist and an essayist.  In her artwork she uses  the medium of  oils on canvas, and gauche on paper and silk.

In addition to her work in commerce, she continues her work on canvas and in her writings. 

In addition to her business work, she continues her work on canvas and in her writings.

Kari Hoffman

Ms. Hofmann started her IT career with QCOnline then continued with Internet Revealed. Kari Hofmann currently holds  the position of General Manager of Network Business Systems, in Geneseo, Illinois.   Kari has been graced with two multitalented girls Alaina Hofmann and Phoebe Gradert who are both gifted in science, art, and sports. Ms Hofmann is excited to be able to support the Institute CHT. 

Ms. Hofmann feels that even though fabulous innovation have come of conventional educational institution they still impose some level limitation, and are born within confines. 

Within the independent Scolars group there are no limiations.  In settings where there are no limitations, boundaries, or fear of judgement, is when true unadulterated, innovation of idea is born.  These ideas are often seen as controversial in the lifetime of the inventor, then become the renescance thought in the future.  

The Institue for  Cultural & Healing Traditons, Ltd is a 501(c)3 since 1996 under US laws at State and Federal level

James Lehman, M.D. FACP. MBA., Director Emeritus
Vice President of Quality, Genesis Health System. Davenport, Iowa.
Dr. Lehman received his BS in Psychology from Iowa State University. He graduated from medical school at the University of Iowa and trained in Internal Medicine at the University of Nebraska in Omaha. Dr. Lehman obtained his MBA from St. Ambrose University. He is board certified in Internal Medicine and Medical Management and is a Fellow in the American College of Physicians. Dr. Lehman is involved in administrative medicine full-time at present. Dr. Jim Lehman, MD, P.hD,  Past VP Genesis Medical Center and Director of The Institute for Cultural & Healing Traditions, Ltd, since 1998 has left our area. He is now Director emeritus at The Institute CHT. 

Christine Deignan, M.D.
Dr. Deignan is Board Certified in Internal Medicine with her medical training from the University of California, San Francisco. She is currently working at the Work Fitness Center in Bettendorf and specialized in Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Prior to this, she had a solo practice in Internal Medicine in Davenport, Iowa. In 1998, she completed a training in acupuncture from UCLA and from 1988 to 1999 has also taken a further training in Light Body meditation.

Clyde B. Jensen, Ph. D. - past core group member
Continuum Biomedical Consultants, Inc.

Dr. Clyde B. Jensen has one of America’s most distinctive medical education resumes. After earning advanced degrees in medical physiology and pharmacology, he:

* Became America’s youngest medical school president at the age of 32.
* Developed a reputation for strengthening compromised education and research programs.
* Served as the president of five separate colleges including public and private, undergraduate and graduate.
* Became the only person to provide leadership at colleges of allopathic, osteopathic, naturopathic and oriental medicine.
* Testified before congressional committees and reviewed research proposals for federal agencies.

These experiences taught him that medical professions and their respective modalities form a continuum which, when properly integrated, can enhance global access to quality health care.

In September 2001 Dr. Jensen formed Continuum Biomedical Consultants, Inc. and began to assemble a panel of renowned biomedical scientists and health care leaders from across the health care continuum. Continuum then contracted with Standard Process Inc., America’s oldest and most successful manufacturer of professional-line, organic, whole food concentrates. In this relationship Dr. Jensen serves as SPI’s Director for Scientific and Integrative Affairs and Continuum develops and/or strengthens the infrastructure necessary to integrate natural products into conventional health care. This infrastructure includes such functions as research, education, new product development, professional relations, regulatory affairs and strategic alliances. Continuum Biomedical Consultants hopes to assist Standard Process Inc in becoming the model for integration within the natural products industry.

Dr Jensen holds faculty appointments at several conventional and complementary medical schools where he teaches and conducts research. He is currently writing books concerning the health professions continuum and the therapeutic continuum. He has offices in Portland, Oregon where he resides and at Standard Process Inc in Palmyra, Wisconsin.

Frank Sundram
Bio coming soon

Dr. Evan Kligman. M.D. Core Group Member Emeritus

Dr. Kligman has been actively involved with integrated medicine and has collaborated with Dr. Andrew Weil. He was the Professor and Head of Department of Family Medicine, at the College of Medicine, University of Iowa. He was instrumental in establishing the C.A.M. Clinic at the University of Iowa, Department of Family Medicine during his tenure both at the University of Iowa and with The Institute. Currently at Arizona Canyon Ranch Heath Resort and the University of Arizona College of Public Health and Medicine, Dr. Kligman continues his work in Family Medicine and Geriatric Medicine. He has been with the Canyon Ranch Health Resort since 1998 while he maintained his position at The University of Iowa and The Institute and commuted to Tucson. In 1999 his tenure with The Institute was completed when he moved to Tucson.

He received his BA in Anthropology at UCLA in 1971 and his MD from the University of Arizona in 1980. He completed his residency in Family Practice in 1983 and a General Preventive Medicine practicum residency in 1984 at University Medical Center in Tucson.

Tom Moran.M.L.S., Director Emeritus
Tom Moran is currently the Asst. Director for the Austin Library Systems in Austin, Texas.
Mr. Moran attended Georgetown University and received his B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Illinois, Chicago. He attained his MLS degree from Rosary College, Illinois.
Mr. Moran has been the Director of Moline Public Library from 1988 to 1997 till he assumed the directorship of Carnegie-Stout Library, Dubuque.