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Annual Report 2004-2005

Currency has many different meanings. With non profit organizations, currency often refers to the work that is put into the creation of different works of writing and art and of the organization itself. Many organizations have many different yardsticks to measure their progress. In our organization we measure our progress by the work produced by residents of the area as they realize and verbalize their potential. Obviously, potential can never be fully realized since it is a growing phenomena. But the progression and the journey have some landmarks... and those are our measure of progress. The last year was begun by President Steven Bahls, who had just joined Augustana College. He has been very supportive of the Independent Scholars' Evenings. These evenings, as you know, regularly have discussions and papers presented by Augustana professors. Last year was the year of the controversy of the Passion of Christ. We had a few evenings of original papers on the topic and the subsequent heated discussions. Augustana Professor Bob Haak wrote a paper of the Passion and Violence, while Augustana Professor Kristy Nabhan-Warren gave an original presentation of the Women as portrayed in the movie. Following which, of course, we had requests for the discussions for Dan Brown's book the Da Vinci Code. That was a very unusual book discussion, not really a presentation. Yet a very interesting evening. Last year, we seemed to have had more papers on women's issues....with the question of hysteria presented by Prof. Jeanneth Vazquez from Augustana. Her work examined the strategies used by women to be heard and read... in the need for using masculine voices since they were more readily heard and the need for women writers to learn masculine language. It was, to quote Ms. Vazquez, the refusal of the feminine while being trapped in the feminine. Dr. Vazquez went on to compare the strategies of the 20th and 17th. century. On an entirely different note, was the original work of Willa Moor, a board certified music therapist who composes stories poetry and music for Elders living in nursing homes. We also hosted the artists from remote town in a group known as Creative Expression, in an effort to include regional artists. We look forward to their active participation in the years ahead.

Since we are a public organization, we respond to the requests that are brought before us for discussions and coverage. There had been, last year, requests again for Feng Shui.. and this time we looked at the traditional school or the compass school. Lina Grady, trained from the American School of Traditional Feng Shui used the forum for her presentation. Subsequently she began giving classes at Genesis Wellness Center as well as her private consultation.

The art of Reikki was also requested for more examination. Pat Christi from the Cancer center of Genesis Hospitals gave further presentations on the art and skill of Reikki. Pat talked about how it can assist a person and those who are around the person. And further, was the original work of Michael Grady in the examination of the Fifth Love.. the affirmation love that he is studying as well as its role in changing communities.

Jim Nickel, a psychologist, presented his original work titled "What's Wrong With Us? Meaning, Values and Health of American Society. Dr. Nickel has since then begun an organization called " Solutions" that meets regularly in Bettendorf.

And of course, a most important event... The Grand Excursion of 1854 and the Upper Mississippi River.. relived and retold by Libby and Curt Roseman. This added to our journal which we are keeping at The Institute.. Life on the Mississippi.. The New Millennium.

What will the new year hold for us? We do not know. Some events are scheduled.. I look forward to the events coming up.

The highlighting of Charles Deere will be on Nov. 11th. and we will be examining the history of The Moline Club building too, subsequent to that.

And on a final note: Chef Tim has joined us. So now, you have your own private place for wonderful dining. Please keep him very very busy. Do not deprive yourself of his culinary art. He has been trained by the best chefs of Austin, Texas.

Welcoming speech for the 9th. year given by Narveen S. Virdi President and Founder The Institute for Cultural and Healing Traditions, Ltd.