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Septeber 1 2016
Who are the Sufi ?  Why are they so important today ?"  

The mysterious, illusive Sufi predated our common era. Mostly from the ancient Sumerian and Mesopotamian culture, their influence has arguably woven itself  into Greek philosophy and old English literature with the writings of 'Saki'  Turkey and Samarkund areas were a deeply-rooted seat for the Sufi. Beloved by all around them, the Sufi remains sometime in hiding, sometimes under a guise, and sometimes an open presence.  Is it possible for those unfamiliar with the Sufi to recognize a Sufi when they chance to meet one?  What are the recognizable signs?  What is the appropriate way to greet and behave around a Sufi? 
Their importance today is growing in America.  The discussion will briefly examine the reasons why this is occurring.

Narveen Aryaputri

Please attend. 
General Discussion to follow.

Narveen has her Master's in English Literature and her Bachelors in Education. She is an essayist, published recently in Georgia Weekly Post, her work is circulated online.
She presents frequently at these Independent Scholars' Evenings.
She is the founder and one of the directors of  The InstituteCHT, as well as the Moline Commercial Club, the building circa 1912 she restored.


2nd Floor of the Moline Commerical Club

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Doors open at 6:30pm. Archival pens for making the entries will be provided.

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